Was it worth it?

I woke up the morning of day two feeling very tired, physically weak, and slightly nauseous. As I started getting myself ready for work the tiredness and weak feeling went away the nausea lasted till midmorning.

I drank my morning shake at work and by noon I WAS HUNGRY. I had drank ½ a gallon of water at this point and was still feeling hungry. So I did what I needed to and ate a rice cake. It was sooo delicious IT WAS WORTH IT! That one rice cake changed my entire mood. I was happier and felt more productive than I had all morning.

I rice cake never tasted or looked this good

I can also say that my caffeine cravings were not present today and my food cravings were not as bad as Day One. It appears that each day gets easier and easier. I know very optimistic at Day Two but being optimistic is a good thing!

After I got home and went on a walk with my dogs it was time to eat something again. I also needed to make food for lunch on Day Three. I decided to cook up some ground turkey seasoned lightly with paprika and pepper. I had about ¼ pound with some fresh cut red pepper and carrots. YUMMY! I packed up the rest and have decided to have the ground turkey with a sweet potato for lunch on Day Three.

At the end of Day Two I saw my boyfriend who is/ (was) doing this Detox with me. He informed me that he ate BACON! TRAITOR! I wanted to cry, not because he broke fasting too but because he had savory mouthwatering BACON! He then proceed to ask me if I wanted a cookie. I mean in the words of Stephanie Tanner HOW RUDE! My two favorite things are sweets and bacon. And for me doing this detox is a way to reset my taste buds and help me avoid sugar. Ill never eliminate bacon its far too tasty but I will only eat it in moderation.

He also informed me that he plans on having a Pappas Bowl for breakfast on Day Three. I must say I am thankful that KC is also doing this detox with me. She is committed to eating the foods in this detox. But overall Day Two was a success I said no to sweets and made healthy choices with my snack and dinner. I didn’t compromise my well-being by sticking with the fast and I didn’t beat myself up over breaking it either.

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