The Last Three Days

Updated: Feb 12, 2019

Day Five went just as smoothly as day four. However, I finally had no cravings for sweets or any unhealthy foods. This was awesome simply because I thought that I would always have to struggle with my cravings for sweet and junk foods. I also felt full throughout the day and did not want a snack at any point. So once again it seems like each day builds on the previous.

It was also evident on Day Five that the unhealthy habits of mine were breaking. And this became very evident when I went on a Costco run in the evening. I have a ritual of going to Costco and trying all the samples and getting a hot dog at the end. However, Friday night I didn’t want any of that. I wasn’t tempted to try anything or to feel like I had to get food at the end with the people I went to Costco with. I had the will power to say no and to make the healthier choice of eating when I was home. Five days ago I would not have had the will power to do this. SO CHANGE IS HAPPENING and its really positive to see this.

Day Six was very similar to Day Five in terms of my feelings. No cravings and I was able to break any habits of over eating on the weekends so YAY!

Saturday was also my last day cleaning out my old apartment. I went in the morning a few hours after having my shake and after some heavy lifting I could feel that I need to eat. My boyfriend who helped in the move out process also needed food. So he went through the drive thru of Golden Pride and I stuck to my guns and waiting till I was home to prepare a healthy meal. I made a spinach, chicken, strawberry, avocado salad with balsamic vinegar. It definitely filled me up and gave me more energy.

I’m learning from this detox to use the foods I eat as fuel instead of comfort. The detox has shown me the foods that make me feel fuller as well so I can use this for when the detox is over.

Day Seven came and went as quickly as the entire week did.

On the morning of day seven we had breakfast with friends. This is where I was really tested. Since I knew that it would be tempting to go off the detox menu I decided to have my shake right before leaving for breakfast, that way I would be fuller. And I was. At breakfast I did end up having some no detox food. BUT THAT’S OK. I only ate a one eggs and some regular potatoes. My meal came with an English muffin that I substituted for fruit. I also portioned off the majority of eggs and potatoes so I wouldn’t over eat them. SO it’s all about making smarter choices and not feeling guilty. I finished off Day Seven with a light dinner and my shakes with no need or want for a snack. And when I went to bed I was extremely happy that I made it through the last seven days with discipline and came out with more self control and a sense of healthy eating habits! Which is more than I was expecting.

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