Finally a Sweet Treat!

Today has been the easiest day for me so far. I feel like I am in a nice routine with the program. I have my shake before going to work leaving me feel full and energized till lunch. I have my lunch and dinner and before bed my final shake.

My cravings have almost subsided but if I have a craving its for something sweet. My trip and trick is to have an apple with some cinnamon and nutmeg sprinkled on top. I tried this and it was delicious and satisfied my sweet tooth. (I used a Sugarbee Apple, this was my first time try that type and boy everyone should try them. They are a Honeycrisp hybrid and even tastier in my opinion.)

I might try baking the apple next time and adding some coco powder and vanilla extract to the mix… we will see how ambitious I’m feeling for THE LAST THREE DAYS.

That’s right, I did the math. There are only three days left! I cant believe how quick the week has gone. The next three days I hop are going to be easier than the first four. My only concern is the weekend. I have plans to see friends and I want to still be able to enjoy a night out. My goal at dinner is to make smart healthy choices. We will see what happens.

Also between now and day 6 you should start noticing if any food sensitivities have gone away. If you suspect a food sensitivity, like gluten, stay on the detox diet and only add gluten back to your diet. Wait 3-4 days to see if you have any symptoms. Again, we recommend completing the MSQ, to track your symptoms, before and after food reintroduction.

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