Final Thoughts

So after completing the detox I feel 1000 times better. This could be from the large coffee I consumed first thing in the morning of Post Detox Day One. I knew I could handle no coffee for a week but I wasn’t going to give it up after the detox. I love my coffee and I need it!

But honestly I do feel better mentally and physically after the detox. I lost close to 5 pounds too. Weight loss was not a goal of mine for the detox just a nice perk. My goal for the detox was to reset my eating habit and clean out my liver and gut of toxins. I know I achieved this just from my experience in the last three days. I have broken my habits of eating unhealthy foods because they are more convenient. I can now tell when I’m eating for hunger vs. boredom. Lastly I feel more in control of food than before.

SO now what am I planning on doing? Basically, I plan on sticking to the detox foods to eat and avoid. I also want to continue being gluten free. Prior to the detox I suspected a gluten sensitivity and avoiding it for last 7 days makes it easier to continue to avoid. I also plan on switching to products that are more organic and do not contain harmful toxins these include deodorant, and cleaning supplies.

Small changes to start so I can keep myself accountable and not fall back into old habits.

Now here are some tips I learned.

1. If you are doing this detox and your partner or other family members are not, have an open conversation of what you need support wise so you can be successful.

2. Cheating the whole time on the detox is just wasting money. If you are not going to do it right then wait until you can.

3. Do not deprive yourself of food. If you are hungry eat something.

4. Don’t let a bad day or event set you back.

5. Eat slowly.

6. Drink lots of WATER.

7. Be active and sweat!

8. If you still feel hungry after eating trying drinking more water and waiting 20min before eating more.

9. Fruits are a great source of natural sugar try putting cinnamon or other spices on them as a desert.

10. If you need help CALL ME. I’ve been through it and I want to help! 505-585-2345

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