Detoxing -Why am I doing this?

Like millions, I have decided that weight loss and a healthier life style would be my New Year’s Resolution. – Real Original I know. And like most I have already slipped up on this. Shocking! So I’ve decided that January would be prep month and February commitment month.

Now what have I done to prep? I’m starting with planning. I have told myself I’m going to go to the gym, I’m going to eat only healthy foods. No more chocolate or sugar for me. And although all that sounds great I’m setting myself up for failure! Self-sabotage is what it is. And why is that, because these are not new thoughts they are the same one I had months ago and have not made commitment on.

SO now what? How am I going to change it this time around?

Well because of you guys. I’m holding myself accountable to all of you. How can I recommend all of you to do a Detox, if I don’t do it myself.

These daily Blogs are going to be my way of keeping myself accountable. I will be posting every day during the detox, and probably after.

So here I am making my first commitment to living a healthier.

My goal by the end of my detox is I'll feel and look better than I do in the photo above. HA!

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