Captains Log Stardate 02.04.2019

I made the decision to start my detox on Monday. Simply because it is recommended to fast for the first 2 days. I know… sounds crazy but the key word in all that is recommended. So if you have to eat something, No Big Deal. I also thought it would be best for me to start on a day when I’m at work to keep myself busy so that I could focus on work and not food cravings. This worked out great for me, until I got home.

Once I was home it really hit me how badly I wanted to eat. But I decided to put mind over stomach and not give in. Instead I broke my shake up and drank one scoop while I was feeling hungry and waited to drink the second scoop a little later in the evening. THIS WORKED GREAT! So I HIGHLY RECOMMEND doing this. After that first initial craving passed I felt fine for the rest of the evening.

Now let me tell you my biggest challenge for day one. Not being able to consumer coffee or black tea. My day can only start once I’ve had some caffeine. I felt like I was in a fog all morning and I had a slight head ache for most of it. It wasn’t fun but it was manageable. Now green tea is aloud and I did forget that but I’m also not a fan of regular plain green tea, to me it smells and tastes like fish food. So I didn’t get any prior to Day One. But let me tell you come the afternoon I made my trip to the supermarket and I got a box of pomegranate green tea. It tastes ok not great but it got me the caffeine I needed so WIN.

Overall Day One was a lot easier than I thought it would be. I was able to get over my two hurdles and stay on track, which is a great feeling.

PS your urine will look neon after taking the Alpha Base this is normal. I drank a gallon of water which would result in clear urine and still had neon color all day. I also included a message from KC.

KC’s Day One

When I got home Monday, the need to eat was intense. I had to cook for my son, so avoidance wasn’t an option, Blue Apron to the rescue. They had kale in the menu, YUM. I wilted the kale, added some vinegar and red pepper flakes. It did the trick and got me through the night.

I plan on having a baked sweet potato on Day 2 for dinner and then Day 3 WE EAT! Bring on the rice cakes!

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