Pre-Detox Week. I’m Excited and Nervous

So I received my Ortho Molecular Detox Kit. It comes in a nice box filled with everything needed to do this detox right.

There is a cute mixer which I’m already wondering if after the detox will this thing make some nice foam for a homemade nonfat, non-caffeinated, non-conflict latte? Haha.

The coveted portable mixer. It also comes with 3 other attachments for all your mixing needs.

The kit has all the supplements and shake powder mix . And most important it also comes with a step by step booklet!

The booklet is the key to make this Detox effective.

It tells you everything this Detox is going to do for you. It gives you recipes, and shopping list. There are even questions to keep you motivated!

It's super important to read the booklet. I found that reading cover to cover has me ready for this detox and less anxious since I know what to expect to do each day.

My game plan prior to starting is to decided what recipes I want to try and then to get all my grocery shopping done.

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