Why membership? Like a gym membership, you are investing in your health. Typically you would only visit your healthcare provider's office when you are sick. In this model, we are encouraging you to use your medical office for more than just "ill care". In addition to visits with your healthcare provider, you get discounted supplements, discounted labs and even some discounted medications. Well Life ABQ is also here when you are sick. Through the use of texting, emailing, same/next day visits to members and online/telemedicine when medically appropriate, Well Life ABQ is here. 

Well Life ABQ is a great option with or without insurance. Most providers have 800-900 patients on their "panel". They don't know who you are and they are so booked with appointments, they only have a few minutes to see you. Through the use of membership, Well Life ABQ is able to only have a patient panel of 300-400. That means you aren't just a number, you are a person. In addition to your regularly scheduled visits, we keep appointments (online and in-person) open for sick visits AND we can respond to questions in a timely manner.

Want to Become a Member?
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Well Life as your Primary Care Provider 
Annual wellness exam and routine follow ups
Same Day, Next Day Sick Visits 
Follow Up Appointments
Strep tests, urinalysis, stitches - $10
Direct Access to Provider via text
Remote Care
Discounted Labs
Discounted In-House Prescription 
10% off In-House and Online Supplements 
Discounted Hormone Pellet Therapy 
Extended Appointment Times
Integrative Advice (if preferred)
Nutrition, Lifestyle and Supplement Treatment Plans Available
Root Cause Treatments


New Patient Adult Visit -  $99

New Patient Child Visit - $69 

Adult Membership - $69 per month 

Child Only Membership - $30

Family Membership - $69 for 1 adult and $30 for spouse/partner and children under 18.

Family members over the age of 18 living in the same household are $69 each.


Membership Payments are taken out on the 5th, 15th, or 25th of the month.

Any in office prescription charges can be added to the next billing cycle and taken out with your monthly membership fee.


Need to cancel membership - No Problem. Simply call 5 days before the next pay cycle and let us know. 


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