The production of all of our hormones slows down as we get older. Hormones are chemical messengers that addict cell function. Hormones affect the function of our cells, tissues and organs. The decline in hormones is what leads to menopause in woman and andropause for men.


First, hormone therapy doesn't always mean replacement.

Second, hormones apply to women AND men.

The best way to zero in on the problem is to thoroughly test.  This is what sets Well Life apart from the "hormone factories".  We don't just test, we DUTCH Test.  This comprehensive hormone test doesn't just test hormone levels, it tests YOUR metabolism of those hormones.   Take a look at this hormone pathway.  You don't have to understand it, that's why you have us.  This is to show you how complicated hormones are and just throwing more hormones at it, doesn't always work.


Well Life not only tests for low testosterone, we analyze how you metabolize testosterone.  Whether it is your own testosterone production or testosterone replacement, it is extremely important to know whether you have a 5alpha or 5bravo metabolism preference and whether you have a tendency to aromatize testosterone into estrogen.  Aromatization can lead to feminine symptoms in men and elevated estrogens in women. Its okay if this sounds like Greek to you.  We can explain it one on one as it applies to you.


Hormones dramatically impact a woman's life throughout her life.
From puberty through menopause and beyond, Well Life is committed to tackling your most troubling hormone challenges. 
For younger women, wayward hormones can cause acne, migraines, gastrointestinal distress, infertility, painful periods, excessive bleeding, fibroids, PMS, etc, etc.
As a woman ages, lifelong hormone problems can lead to an early hysterectomy.  This is a tragedy because this outcome can be avoided with thorough testing and proper support.
As a woman approaches menopause, hormone shifts can lead to foggy thinking, excessive bleeding, hot flashes, night sweats, bone loss, etc.
Well Life is committed to taking the pieces of the puzzle and putting it all together.  Sometimes that means balancing estrogen dominance through the use of progesterone.  Sometimes using herbs and supplements to improve estrogen metabolism is the better plan.  Sometimes the gut must be healed, thus reducing estrogen recycling.
Well Life only use bioidentical hormones topically, vaginally and through pellets inserted under the skin.  The safety profile of these forms of hormones are much better than the synthetic hormones.


First and foremost Well Life ABQ is a Family Practice Primary Care Provider. Hormone pellet therapy is just one of the many services we offer. Therefore, when we analyze your hormone needs, we don’t just recommend only one treatment (pellets). We give you options based on your needs. 
Well Life ABQ does not use the popular brands BioTe or Testopel. These brands result in a large markup. Instead we have carefully selected a high quality pharmacy in Colorado to make our pellets. This outstanding facility is 503B. This means that it has chosen to undergo additional scrutiny with the FDA. Each pellet is made with strict quality and sterility protocols. Our hormone pellets are yam based and are specially made with 4% cholesterol. This improves the smoothness of hormone absorption. 
There are many, many options in and around Albuquerque to obtain pellet therapy. And while many providers can insert a pellet, we hope you can see why our superior testing and careful pellet selection keeps you as safe as possible.

Take the Hormone Symptom Form and email it back. We will review it prior to your upcoming appointment 

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