New Mexico COVID- 19 Case Updates 

Active Cases

Total #COVID cases don't really tell us much about whether our social distancing efforts are working.

It is more illustrative to look at # of ACTIVE Cases which is the Total minus (Recovered + Deaths sadly). 

Total cases will continue to rise, but the Active graph helps us visualize our curve. A flat active line shows we are keeping up with cases. 


The number of current hospitalizations is also a good metric to see the remaining capacity to care for severe cases.

New Mexico has 344 ICU beds, but remember that those are routinely occupied by other seriously ill patients. So not all 344 beds are necessarily available. There is the capacity to increase the # of beds and not all patients hospitalized are in the ICU. Its clear to see that a close eye should be kept on the number of patients hospitalized to determine necessary levels of physical distancing.


A study published this month compared a patient's Vitamin D with severity of COVID disease. The results are remarkable. Those with optimal Vitamin D levels >30 had the mild form of COVID over 90% of the time.

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